Saturday, 18 May 2013

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquers

It seems that these new innovative lip products are everywhere at the moment. After the infamous YSL released their Rouge pur Couture Glossy Stain Lip Stains, loads of company have jumped on the idea and created their own take on these lip stains. 

Currently I have been loving experimenting with different colours and textures of lip products. *hint hint* to future blogs. These Lip Lacquers have fulfilled my needs perfectly as they have the combined texture and shine of a gloss but have the staying power and pigmentation of a lipstick. 

The range offers eight different shades, ranging from deep purples and reds to nudes and they retail for £4.99, but Boots usually have deal on so you may be able to get a cheaper price. I currently have five in my collection but will defiantly be purchasing more. In order from the top to the bottom the colours I have collected are; Galaxy, Apocoliptic, Stella, Nova and Eclipse. The swatches shown on my hand mirror this order from left to right.

My first impression of these Lip products is that they are extremely pigmented, you seriously don't need to dip the applicator into the tube more twice to get a strong lip. They are not sticky or overly glossy, they have the ability to be blotted down to more of a velvet finished. Their staying power is impeccable, after you eat or drink the glossy finish is removed but the colour still remains. However I have one negative, I feel that the applicator is slightly too narrow and pointed for my liking, I would have preferred more of a heart shaped wand like  the original, YSL design.

Needless to say these are terrific products and well worth a try, if you were ever interested in trying the YSL Rouge pur Couture Glossy Stain Lip Stains then these are a brilliant alternative for a much, much lower price.  

As a side note, it seems I put this at the end of all by blogs, but I'am genuinely sorry for the lack of blogs. I have just not had much to write about, but I assure you I have many more in store, so keep a look out. 

Albonnie ♥


  1. No worries about lack of posts; I always believe it's better to blog only when you genuinely feel like it rather than force it otherwise it shows!! Anyways, I am SO MIFFED that these still haven't been released in the US! They look amazing, even just the colors let alone the formula, and I would love to be able to try them out <3


    1. Hey Thrifty I'm so glad that you agree with me not posting so often. I'm so thankful for all your support you always comment on all my posts :) Also we could do a swap? I could send you british products and you could send me american?

      Albonnie <3

  2. Thanks for your comment. Just to let you know that the google reader is going to be ending so it means that your followers go. So when you get bloglovin let me know and i will follow you via that xxx

    1. Oh my god! i don't want to loose them all! i already have bloglovin :) its just littlebitofbeautyy

      please please follow it :)

  3. Love the shades - especially the last three :) x

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  5. Those colors look amazing!
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  6. really lovely colours!

    Love From Georgina

  7. nice cosmetics :D
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  8. I just bought this in Galaxy and now want them all!

    Jodie xo
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