Friday, 28 December 2012

Nars Cosmetics Overview

Firstly I want to apologies for my recent absence, I ran out of things to write about and I fell out of love with blogging but I'm back. I have loads of ideas and products that I' am excited to tell you about! So lets get started.

For Christmas I was so happy to receive a couple of Nars products, the ever loved bronzer in the shade "Laguna" and cream blusher in the shade "Cactus Flower"

My first reaction to my first Nars Cosmetics products was that the packaging is absolutely beautiful. I defiantly believe that the price is responsible once you take in to consideration how well made the packaging is and how high quality the actual product is. The added touch of a mirror also adds to the high quality of the product.

From the swatches you can see that the bronzer isn't extremely dark and with a light hand can be used on the palest of skin tones. It has slight shimmer, but seems more like a sheen so it is still suitable contour. The Blush however is insanely pigmented! It is a bright redy, pinky, coarly shade, with subtle gold shimmers. These gold shimmers give a beautiful glow to the skin and the redy tones give the cheeks a  fresh rosey glow perfect for this time of year. 

Albonnie ♥


  1. i've fallen out of love with blogging too, it happens. i also got NARS laguna bronzer for christmas! it's amazing.

  2. Glad to see you're back!! And glad to hear that you took a break when you fell out of love with blogging; I feel like when people force themselves to blog it really shows and the quality of their post(s) goes waaaay down so cheers to you!
    Onto the actual products: I just received my first NARS products for Christmas as well! For me Laguna is far too orange but Cactus Flower looks so lovely!! I'll definitely have to check that one out :)


  3. Nars Laguna is my favourite Bronzer of all time! I love that blusher you have there I must try it. I'm also loving Nars' Albatross highlighter at the moment! Xx