Monday, 8 October 2012

Autumn/ Fall Wishlist 12

Recently I have been spending quite a lot of my time, reading articles in magazines and blogs online, for Autumn 'must haves'. So this is going to be my spin on that idea. So lets get started.

The first Autumn must is pretty obvious in my opinion, its a big thick woolly jumper. This one is from New look, I believe but you can find them pretty much everywhere this time of year. However I especially like this jumper as it has like leather pads on the elbows, which I believe to be quite in. Also I really am loving grey, I have no idea why, I just am.

The next piece is this aztec/christmas patterened bodycon skirt that I really love. Its a very thick material almost wool but I'm not sure. I feel that this makes it really suitable for the colder months as it can keep you a little bit warmer, than just a normal bodycon skirt.

Scarves! Now if I had one staple piece that I wore through out Autumn, it would be scarves. Scarves dress up an outfit, dress down an outfit, and keep you warm. They are just perfect. I really love the circle scarves as they are so easy to make look right and just throw on. I'm not sure what the pattern is in the picture, but i was really drawn towards it.

Now there has been a lot of studs flying around the blogger world, if they were on jackets, shoes or bracelets, everyone just seems to be in love with them. Personally I wasn't till I saw this bracelet, I just thought that it looked very classy, but had that contrast of being edgy at the same time.

Also red is a big trend this year, most especially "a single piece item". This just means the best way to wear red this season is to wear it on its own and be the only red thing your wearing. I would probably pair red pieces with all black as i find it looks most classy. Also I think the use of a red shoe as your accent item just signifies classiness.

When I think of skin in Autumn I think healthy, dewy and radiant  So the best way to be is very natural. If you can get away with just wearing moisturiser, then do it but for people like me who like a little more coverage but likes to look like skin. Then I would invest it a good quality foundation that is going to give you these results.

Along with your glowing gradient skin, red rosy cheeks are what are needed. Adding a rosy flush to your face, will for one make you look as if you have been outside on a cold autumn day, but will also bring colour to your pale skin in autumn.

Any dark coloured nail varnishes are in every year for autumn, you get them from pretty much anywhere this time of year for a wide range of prices. I just happened to choose this illimasqua polish as I hadn't seen a polish quite like it before. 



  1. I've been wanting to try YSL's Touche Eclat foundation since its release!!! It sounds like SUCH a lovely product, but I'll probably never have the funds to buy it *SOB*

  2. OMG! I love the sandal so bad! I want it so bad..:(