Sunday, 16 September 2012

Body Talk

To start most people will think that this is a non-related beauty blog, completely. However I think that it is. Beauty is about how you feel inside and out. Everyone says that eating all the wrong food will make you ugly basically, for example it will break you out, make you fat, become really greasy and so on. This is true but only if you are eating way too much of it. Who cares if you are watching a movie on the weekend or when ever and you want a bar of chocolate, that's fine your allowed to indulge yourself sometimes. As long as you balance it will good food and exercise. I don't mean like hitting the gym everyday, it can be little things like walking to school, which I'm really bad for and usually end up getting the car, but i know i should. You could also en roll in a small club in your area, like hockey, or swimming. Another thing that you can do, is just go running its free and stimulates blood flow to the head, so it makes you more alert.

Now i didn't want this to be a healthy, go get fit blog, I just wanted to put my view up telling people that you don't have to starve yourself or go on crazy diets that say you can only drink honey and lemon. Who wants to do that? I sure don't and I'm going to continue to keep eating chocolate, its just too good to neglect. Everyone should feel happy in there own skin and if chocolate makes you happy then go eat some.
Also I apologise for the really rubbish images, but I had this idea for a blog at night so its really bad unnatural lighting. Also i have really exciting news, I have just reached 100 followers!! That is amazing and to celebrate this achievement I have decide to host a giveaway the next blog will have all the information so keep an eye out.


  1. Chocolate is THE best beauty product! :) xo

  2. Congratulations on the 100 followers, you deserve them. I really agree with you on this post. Too many people skip out on the chocolate, but don't make an effort anywhere else either. It's always okay to have moderate amounts of what would be called 'fatty' foods once in a while. x

  3. YUM I want chocolate so much now!! Definitely agree with you, I never want to deny myself the treats in life, and it's all about balance. Plus chocolate makes me happy so that's always good right! :P

    What an inspiring post! Love your blog, enjoying having a read. Now following!


  4. YUM!!! Galaxy.. I'm not allowed chocolate right now because I'm on a no chocolate diet. It's killing me!!! All I want to do is snatch that bar of chocolate front he picture and eat it :)



  5. TOTALLY AGREE! seriously couldn't live without chocolate and in my opinion you only have one life so enjoy the things you like whilst you can :)

  6. I completely agree. What harm can a little bit of chocolate now and then do? Love your blog, now following! Would love you to check out mine. Naomi xx

  7. You are so right! Chocolate is good for the soul :).
    Have followed your blog by the way.

    Love Becky xx

  8. Chocolate is definitely an essential in my life!! xx

  9. this is a really good post! i think a lil bit of what u fancy does u good. depriving urself of something isn't healthy as when u do come to get it 9 out of 10 times u'll go OTT. xxx

  10. I love your name!!