Thursday, 23 August 2012

CreamPuff Review

These new matte lip creams are absolutely fantastic! As you can see from the image below i have gotten two of the four shades and planning to get the rest of the collection. The lip creams retail for £2.99 and are great value for money. They are exact dupes for the nyx soft matte lip creams from the packaging, to formula, to scent. 

The two colours that I own are Cotton Candy and Fairy Cake. The first colour is a rosy pink shade that looks flattering on many skin tones. The second colour is a coral shade with more redy, pink undertones than orange.  This colour i feel would be more suitable to wear in the summer months. The application of the lip creams is lovely, they smooth over the lips with ease and leave an opaque colour. 

Here is a swatch of the two colours side by side (Fairy Cake left, Cotton Candy right). As you can see with one swipe the colours leave a beautiful opaque finish. Also the finish of these lip creams is not drying at all. However if you had dry and cracked lips, much like matte lip sticks it will accentuate that and make it appear worse. All in all these lipsticks are a great buy and would defiantly recommend you go try them out.   

 Albonnie ♥


  1. I have heard alot of good reviews on these, I love matte lip products I just reviewed my elf lipstain on my blog! I am your newest follower, I really love your blog, and you are really pretty x
    Ellie :) xox

    1. They are absolutely class!! i will be sure to check that out. i am your newest follower;)your blog is really girly and i love it! thank you, i really love your hair, its so long! :O xx

  2. Ooh, thanks love. I'm very excited to try these now :)